2015 Spring Training Season Continues to Break Records in Mesa

2015 Spring Training Season Continues to Break Records in Mesa
By JD Beatty

With the re-opening of the newly renovated Hohokam Stadium, the Oakland A’s have joined the Chicago Cubs this year in Mesa for the 2015 Spring Training Season. With two major league baseball teams making their spring training homes in Mesa, the city has seen an influx of visitors and fans as both teams continue to break attendance records. Through the first 10 games, both teams have seen a combined total of 228,189 fans.

The Chicago Cubs are currently averaging 14,786 visitors per game, which is 3.7% higher than their spring training per game attendance average in 2014. The Oakland A’s are also averaging an impressive 8,033 fans per game this year at Hohokam Stadium, which is a staggering 54.5% higher than their average per game attendance in 2014.

Both teams have five games left in the spring training season. If you haven’t made it out to the Cub’s Sloan Park or the A’s Hohokam Stadium this year, get your tickets now as there are only 10 days remaining in the season.

Chicago Cubs Spring Training Schedule:

Oakland A’s Spring Training Schedule:

JD Beatty


How the Emergence of Growing Tech Firms Can Change Arizona’s Business Landscape

Arizona is emerging as a business and tech-friendly environment, and this article from Michael Gossie at AZBigMedia outlines many of the benefits that Arizona grants emerging tech companies. Striving to create a firm foundation for tech companies to thrive in has been a major goal statewide for economic developers, and this piece highlights some of the successful initiatives put forth by the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Diversification in the tech space is also key, “We need to have all tech industries thriving in Arizona,” says Mike Auger, CEO and founder of PikFly, a technology-driven same day delivery network for local businesses. “A focus in one area puts us into a corner. Semiconductors have been great for our state, but that is really what we are known for — we need to be known for all types of tech.”

How do you see the technology sector growing and changing in Arizona? What more could be done to help aid in creating a more tech-friendly environment in our community and state?

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